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Our Pricing

Colon Hydrotherapy
1h 15min (inc Tummy Massage with essential oils)
ZAR 850

The Works

Colon Hydrotherapy – Ozone Sauna – Detox Massage (lymph drainage & skin brushing).


ZAR 1200
The Glow
30mins Ozone Steam – Colon Hydrotherapy – followed by a relaxing natural signature facial which includes massage.
ZAR 1500
Colonic & Detox Massage inc Tummy Massage with essential oils
ZAR 1000
Hara Massage ( Just Tummy ) A peaceful, deeply relaxing experience, excellent for getting things moving!
ZAR 350
Pinky’s Neck, Back & Shoulders work out those knots
ZAR 350
Beyond Relaxation full body Massage as you like it, inc ozone steam sauna. 1hr 30mins
ZAR 750
Aromatherapy to suit your mood and lift your spirits 1hour ZAR 600
LuLu & Marula
Natural Plant-based facial. Deeply relaxing includes a massage, head to toe. 
ZAR 650