Spa Therapies


unique blend of indigenous essential oils carefully selected to suit your mood and current state of health, applied by well trained and intuitive hands. This 60 minute session will leave you feeling pampered from top to toe and smelling gorgeous. We use top quality essential oils to help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically, while helping you to take time out for yourself, to be mindful and to reconnect with yourself, even for a moment. The aromas experienced through aromatherapy and essential oils have a dynamic effect on the mind and body.

Massage Therapy

If your body is feeling tired, run down and achy this is a wonderful 75minutes out of life’s stresses and strains. Working deep into the muscles and tissues without causing any pain, Pinky’s amazing intuitive healing hands will get to work on where the body most needs help and attention. Stimulating blood flow, working the lymphatics and deeply relaxing the nervous system. This massage will most probably be the best you have EVER experienced!  

Colon Hydrotherapy

Many people claim the benefits of colon hydrotherapy include increased energy, improved circulation, clearer skin and eyes and weight stabilization. Clients often report better digestion, relief from bloating and heaviness, freedom from headaches, increased mental clarity, and relief from aching joints, allergies and other symptoms of toxicity. Clients have also noted that circulatory and inflammatory conditions often improve with colonic treatments when accompanied by recommended diet and lifestyle changes. 

Dr Hauschka Facial

Cleansing & Revitalising treatment

A blissful and relaxing deep cleansing facial using the finest of the Dr Hauschka facial range. Suitable for all skin types, this healing facial works with your lymphatic system and your skin’s own natural rhythms to strengthen and regenerate on the deepest level. Includes relaxing neck back & shoulder massage and the option for Ozone Steam Sauna. The products are all certified Organic, plant-based and natural. Gift this to someone special (link) 


What They Say

“I was very lucky to have discovered Indalo Health soon after it opened and I have enjoyed quite a few of the treatments on offer. From a relaxing massage to a facial and the colonic treatment, Kate is a true professional and I always leave the spa feeling spoilt and pampered. I am happy to recommend Indalo Health to anyone looking for a friendly, professional caring environment.”  
Carol de Villiers

“Thank you so much for the beautiful massage on Saturday, I am still in the glow of it all. I found it easy to relax in your unpretentious calm environment. Thank you thank you…….. you really have a gift, I can’t wait to come back again.”

Ann Shabat

“Kate offers a comfortable, therapeutic and professional service, I would recommend anyone that is in need of some care and treatments. Her surroundings and character are quiet and relaxed allowing one to feel comfortable and at ease.
She is professional and always puts her clients first.”