Nuts are those small bits of joy that not only taste good, but are also actually good for your health as well. We know, they’re like the unicorns of healthy foods! But just like all good things, nuts are best enjoyed in moderation. Overdoing it can start negatively impacting your body.

Have a Break, Have a Handful of Nuts

Nuts Can Improve Your Gut Health

Apart from curbing hunger pangs, nuts replenish your body with plenty of nutrients. They contain antioxidants to cleanse your system. In fact, recent research suggests that the fiber in nuts can help with the growth of bacteria in the gut. The gut contains a large colony of bacteria, known as the microbiome. These bacteria protect your body from germs and strengthen your immune system.

Nuts Can Save Your Life

Apart from keeping your body strong and fit, nuts can potentially save you from serious illnesses. Replacing the intense carbs in your diet with a handful of nuts strengthens bacteria in your body and prevents your blood sugar levels from rising above the normal amount. Overtime, this can protect you from diabetes. In fact, they can even keep your cholesterol levels in check and lower your chances of getting a heart attack.

But that doesn’t mean that nuts are the seeds of heaven. Taken in controlled amounts, they can protect and fortify your body. But too many nuts can take over your stomach and prevent other useful nutrients from entering into your blood stream.

Know When to Stop

“But nuts are healthy…right?” Not necessarily. Overdoing your nut intake can cause a spike in cholesterol levels, and an increase in body weight. Nuts contain certain acids, which break down valuable nutrients, such as iron and prevent them from entering your system. They can also hinder or prevent protein digestion (these side effects obviously do not affect proteins and nutrients already in your system, but they prevent new ones from improving your body’s condition).     

How Do You Take Your Nuts?

Shaken, not stirred. Nuts are not your enemy. Eat them in the right quantities, and they’ll do wonders for your body. A handful a day is enough. If you still want more, it’s a good idea to cook them first. Yes, we know, that sounds strange, but it’s quite simple: soak the nuts overnight or for around 20 hours, dehydrate them (in a slow oven), and finish off by roasting them. This kills some of those harmful acids, which break down nutrients in your body.

Think of nuts like an anti-depressant: taken in the right amounts, they’ll make your body happy, but overdosing on them will make your body more upset than it was before.